Paulato - by GA.I.CO.

Two way stretch sofa slipcovers production

GA.I.CO. s.r.l. is especially known for the production of two way stretch sofa slipcovers made of embossed bi-stretch fabric.
The possible extension both in height and in width of the two way stretch fabric makes our sofa slipcovers perfect for the most different kind of sofas, chairs, armchairs and also for several models of corner sofas.

The quality of our items is internationally recognized and it is guaranteed by careful controls we personally deal with.
The production of our two way stretch slipcovers and sofa slipcovers, in fact, takes place exclusively in our Italian factory.
Since we directly deal with production, we can make exclusive collections.

Since 2001 GA.I.CO. s.r.l. has been specialising in embossed bi-stretch fabrics that are internationally patented.
In 2011 the new brand Paulato By GA.I.CO. ® was created in order to allow the company to spread all over the world.

No direct selling.

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